KEOLABS makes available its PCD Digital Test Suite for EMVCo 3.0

As a leading provider of test tools for the EMV® Level 1 Contactless market, KEOLABS is the first to make available to its customers a v3.0 PCD (Proximity Coupling Device) digital test suite qualified by EMVCo.

18 July 2018, Montbonnot, FRANCE – EMVCo, the global technical body that facilitates the worldwide interoperability and acceptance of secure payment transactions, has achieved a significant step forward with the issuance of the release v3.0 of its analog and digital test cases for cards, mobiles and readers.

KEOLABS, after communicating last month that its PICC (Proximity Integrated Circuit Cards) digital test suite was the first qualified, now announced that it has just achieved the qualification for its PCD digital test suite.
No sooner said than done, the new PCD digital test suite is already available on the download center of KEOLABS for its customers with current maintenance contract.

Standard mode allows users to execute predefined test suites as defined by EMVCo, and a totally flexible mode can be used by developers in characterization phase.

“I am grateful to our technical team for the work completed”, says Michael Leplatois, KEOLABS President. “This qualification for PCD, just few weeks after being first qualified for PICC, confirms to our customers that we are their most valuable partner”.

KEOLABS is now focused on the analog qualification and other communications will follow shortly. 

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