KEOLABS EMVCo 2.6b qualification demonstrates the flexibility of its tools

KEOLABS EMVCo validation solution has just received the EMVCo 2.6b analog qualification1, demonstrating the efficiency of KEOLABS modular and open offer allowing certification and characterization.

30 January, 2017, Montbonnot, FRANCE – KEOLABS has just obtained the EMVCo 2.6a analog qualification for its tool for PICC (Proximity Integrated Circuit Card) testing, which allows to test labs to qualify contactless cards and handsets against EMVCo specifications. 

KEOLABS tool for PICC validation includes a combination of hardware and software that makes testing contactless cards and handsets easy and efficient. KEOLABS tool includes:

  • An oscilloscope and an amplifier,
  • The KEOLABS 3-axis certified robot specific with KEOLABS grippers, 
  • A set of EMVCo antennas, including an EMVCo PCD (proximity coupling device) and an EMVCo reference PICC,
  • KEOLABS ProxiLAB emulator, in charge of smart card reader emulation, 
  • KEOLABS SCRIPTIS™ test environment, 
  • And the EMVCo PICC Level 1 Analog test suite v. 1.05. 

Using a robot in a test environment allows to optimize the workload of test engineers and technicians by automatizing the most cumbersome repetitive procedures. In addition, the robot positions the PICC sample and the reference PICC with a high level of accuracy ensuring the tests are always repeatable and reproducible.

KEOLABS SCRIPTIS™ test environment plays an essential role in providing test tool efficiency and user-friendliness. SCRIPTIS™ executes the test suite, analyzes results and generates reports. SCRIPTIS™ has been developed as an open tool allowing users to write and modify test scripts. This way, KEOLABS test tools can be used both by test labs for certification and by industrialists for the characterization of their products. 

All KEOLABS test tools are built around the same architecture. This way, test labs can purchase parts only once and run test suites for EMVCo and other certifications as well. Also, as all KEOLABS tools share the same architecture, test engineers and technicians need only to undergo training once to be able to complete all kinds of tests. The high-end oscilloscope and the robot can be used for numerous purposes around the lab.

"The fact that KEOLABS obtained this new certification EMVCo 2.6b demonstrates the efficiency of our approach to test tools, using an oscilloscope, a robot, and SCRIPTIS™ test tool in order to provide our customers with maximum flexibility when using our tools. Test engineers can edit scripts easily, bringing them the opportunity to use our products both for certification and characterization," stated Stéphane Jobard, KEOLABS’ Director of Validation Solutions.

Note 1:
EMVCo qualification does not under any circumstances include any endorsement or warranty regarding the functionality, quality or performance of any particular product or service.  EMVCo does not warrant any products or services provided by third parties.  EMVCo qualification does not under any circumstances include or imply any product warranties from EMVCo, including, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for purpose, or non-infringement, all of which are expressly disclaimed by EMVCo.  All rights and remedies regarding products and services which have received EMVCo qualification shall be provided by the party providing such products or services, and not by EMVCo.

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