KEOLABS is first to obtain EMVCo v3.0 test equipment qualification

KEOLABS is proud to announce it is the first test tool provider to receive the EMVCo test equipment qualification v3.0a, which constitutes a turning point in the quality control for contactless payment cards and handsets.

16 May 2018, Salon de Provence, FRANCE – EMVCo is continually improving its set of test protocols for cards and readers used in payment transactions. The industry association just issued the release v3.0a of its specifications for test tools dedicated to PCD (Proximity Coupling Device) and PICC (Proximity Integrated Circuit Cards), which aims at making tests executed by various labs, using test solutions from different vendors, always more consistent.

KEOLABS is the first test tool provider to receive EMVCo test equipment qualification v3.0a. Now, thanks to this qualification, KEOLABS equipment allows labs which use it to ascertain they will comply with EMVCo requirements and deliver reliable results.

In order to reflect better the variety of situations that happen in the payment environment, the new specification of the EMVCo test equipment includes one PCD antenna and three PICC antennas that cover the variety in contactless technology. This will also allow to test different induction charge power levels: high, low or adaptive.

KEOLABS EMVCo test tools include a combination of hardware and software that makes testing contactless payment devices, cards and handsets easy and efficient. KEOLABS tool includes:

  • The qualified EMVCo test equipment (set of PCD, PICC antennas and CMR),
  • ProxiLAB emulator, in charge of device and smart card emulation,
  • SCRIPTIS test environment,
  • And the EMVCo Level 1 Analog & Digital test suites.

Under the v3.0a EMVCo rules, the antennas are qualified by EMVCo and come from a production center also qualified by EMVCo. Test tool developers will deliver a calibration certificate to test labs, which will, in turn, submit these calibration records to EMVCo as a part of their own process to be recognized as an EMVCo accredited Laboratory.

Michael Leplatois, KEOLABS President, says: “KEOLABS plays a leadership role in the always-evolving environment of test tool environment. With KEOLABS EMVCo test tools, we ensure our customers will be able to comply easily with EMVCo requirements for their accreditation.”

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