ProxiSPY Quest

ProxiSPY Quest

ProxiSPY Quest is the most advanced laboratory tool to trace and analyze contactless communication and troubleshoot the interoperability issues in real-time.
Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, ProxiSPY Quest provides an efficient and complete analysis, from the analog to the application layer.

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ProxiSPY Quest(TM) completes the new Quest testing tools range dedicated for professionals to diagnose and analyze smart card systems.

KEOLABS' new Quest line offers a broad array of testing tools to provide the most accurate performance insights, and to help users clearly understand and overcome problems.

ProxiSPY Quest includes a robust, reliable, and non-intrusive probe that supports various standard-specific requirements (EMVCo, ISO, ICAO, NFC Forum, and more), and can be used in transport, mobile, and contactless payment fields to analyze and debug new products and ensure inter-device compatibility.
Its technology provides an efficient and complete analysis, from the analog to the application layer.

Key Features:

  • Non-intrusive probe
  • Advanced I/Q demodulation
  • Automatic decoding: no need to preselect the protocol 
  • Precise analog spy (25pts / per clock period)
  • API for test bench usage 
  • Real-time triggers, 3 digital I/Os
  • Transaction advanced analyzer (timing, application)
  • Data logger
  • Supports all protocols and speeds natively

Supported Protocols: 

  • ISO 14443 A/B up to 6.8Mbps (VHBR ASK), 
  • ISO 15693 all modes, 
  • ISO 18092 (Peer 2 Peer, Passive, and Active)
  • Up to  APDU Level
  • JISX 6319 FeliCa(TM)
  • NFC Forum (ECMA 340 NFC IP-1, ECMA 352 NFC IP-2)
  • NDEF
  • V-card
  • Topaz
  • B' (Calypso Innovatron)

Quest Tools:

  • Analog Viewer
  • Digital Viewer
  • Communication Timing Analyzer
  • PCD Waveform Analyzer

Communication Protocols:

  • USB
  • General-purpose I/O
  • TCP-IP
For complete information about available options, product availability and pricing, please KEOLABS or one of our smart card tool distributors.

Associated Hardware Accessories

Cable for connection of NFC probes for ProxiSPY
Cable for inter-connection of KEOLABS' hardware plarforms
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