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KEOLABS Certifies French Electronic Driving Licenses

France selects KEOLABS' laboratory and SCRIPTIS™ to validate European compliance of electronic driving licenses in push for 2013 deployment

Las Vegas, USA - April 23, 2013   Today, at the smart card industry event “Cartes and Secure Connexions” in Las Vegas, KEOLABS announced the selection of its certification laboratory and SCRIPTIS™ based testing solution by the French Agence Nationale des Titres Sécurisés (ANTS) for conformance certification of the French electronic driving license under European Union directives and international ISO/IEC 18013 standards. The KEOLABS’ offer includes testing services and a turnkey solution for in-house validation of smart cards by suppliers and authorities implicated in deployment of e-driving licenses. KEOLABS is currently the only supplier of conformance testing services and solutions covering the full spectrum of relevant international and European standards.

KEOLABS’ selection comes at a crucial moment for the ANTS (the agency responsible for secure French documents) as it mobilizes to meet the 2013 objective for Europe-wide deployment of harmonized electronic driving licenses mandated under the European Commission Directive EU 2006/126/EC. “We are very happy to announce the ANTS decision, which is an important vote of confidence for KEOLABS’ solutions and our strategy in identity conformance testing,” explained Stéphane Jobard, KEOLABS’ Director of Certification Solutions. “Our current offer is the direct result of a long term participation in the standards specification process and builds on our successful test solutions for other identity products such as ICAO/EAC compliant e-passports,” stated Stephane Jobard.

The KEOLABS’ e-driving license testing solution covers the complete range of relevant International and European standards including:

  • European Commission Directive 2006/126/EC O.J. EC No L 403/18 and notably as amended by EU 383/2012 and
  • ISO/IEC 18013 standard covering format, content, features and testing methods for electronic driving licenses.

KEOLABS testing solution allows full application-level validation of smart cards covering access controls, document authentication, data integrity, etc. The solution is based on the SCRIPTIS™ software environment and is complemented by hardware/software solutions for analog and digital functional validation under the ISO/IEC 10373-6 and ISO/IEC 7816 standards.

The Agence Nationale des Titre Sécurisés (ANTS) is a public administrative agency under the direction of the French Ministry of the Interior. Created by decree on the 22 of February, 2007, the agency responds to the needs of French administration for secure documents including: vehicle registration certificates, biometric passports, driving licenses, national identity cards and electronic resident identification cards. These documents are issued by the State and are subject to editing and security controls.

The ANTS was established as part of an initiative for government reform, modernization and restructuring. Open to the exterior, the agency addresses both national and European contexts regarding the reinforcement of security features for documents issued by the State.

European Commission Directive 2006/126/EC O.J. EC No L 403/18, notably as amended by EU 383/2012, establishes the processes, form and characteristics of a harmonized, electronic driving license for European Union member states. The amending directive EU 383/2012 specifies electronic features of the driving licenses to include relevant international standards pertaining to their implementation and validation such as ISO/IEC 18013 and ISO/IEC 7816.

ISO/IEC 18013 establishes guidelines for the design format and data content of ISO/IEC-compliant driving licenses (IDL) with regard to human-readable features (ISO/IEC 18013-1), machine-readable technologies (ISO/IEC 18013‑2), and access control, authentication and integrity validation (ISO/IEC 18013-3). It creates a common basis for international use and mutual recognition of the IDL without impeding individual countries/states from applying their privacy rules and national/community/regional motor vehicle authorities in taking care of their specific needs.



KEOLABS is a leading provider of tools and services for testing microcontroller and secure component implementation. The company has two activities: Smart Card Validation and Microcontroller Tools.

KEOLABS Smart Card Validation activity provides an end-to-end product and service offer for validating and certifying smart cards and related technologies in accordance with industry standards. KEOLABS participates in all major certification processes for the secure transaction and identity sectors. The company offers a comprehensive range of solutions for validation of all layers of contact and contactless secure components from the electrical to the digital and application layers.
KEOLABS service branch includes the ISO17025 accredited Certification Center offering test services to all stakeholders in the secure component sector for smart cards, handsets, ePassports, electronic driver’s licenses and card readers.

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