KEOLABS Validates Passports for Full PACE Implementation

New test suite verifies Chip Authentication Mapping (PACE-CAM) for eMRTD.

27 April 2016, Montbonnot France – KEOLABS, a leading provider of electronic identity testing solutions and services, announced availability of Chip Authentication Mapping (CAM) testing features under the PACE protocol for electronic Machine Readable Travel Documents (eMRTD). PACE-CAM improves identity document security by extending the PACE protocol's generic mapping in order to integrate chip authentication. Support of PACE-CAM validation is now available in KEOLABS' ICAO PICC application testing solution for eMRTD.

With the introduction of PACE-CAM testing features, KEOLABS ensures full validation of the PACE protocol and associated security features. "KEOLABS participates actively in standards organizations to ensure that our customers get complete validation of their devices for eMRTD," explained Stephane Jobard, KEOLABS' Director of Validation Solutions and lead author of the ISO/IEC1 test plan for validation of ICAO2 conform eMRTD.

1. ISO/IEC: International Organization for Standardization / International Electro-technical Commission are independent NGOs that work with national standards bodies to develop consensus-based, market relevant international standards to support innovation and provide solutions to global challenges
2.  ICAO: International Civil Aviation Organization is a UN specialized agency that manages administration and governance of the Convention on International Civil Aviation.

KEOLABS provides validation solutions for pre-certification and certification of ICAO analog and protocol level conformance. KEOLABS' validation solutions enable "in house" evaluation of products during development, prior to engaging in a formal certification. These same validation solutions are widely used in testing laboratories and by issuing authorities for formal verification of embedded integrated circuits (hardware chips, secure elements), packaged devices (inlays, modules) and end-user contactless eMRTDs.

KEOLABS’ ICAO PICC application testing solution is built on a flexible, open testing environment. Based on KEOLABS’ SCRIPTIS™ software, the solution combines push-button ease-of-use and full visibility of all testing results. Users can also modify the testing scripts in Python language to develop their own test cases and validate these in the integrated script debugger.

The KEOLABS’ ICAO PICC application testing solution will be used in interoperability testing during the Secure Document World (SDW) conference at the QEII Center, London, 10-12 May 2016. SDW is the premier international event for technology suppliers, security document printers, infrastructure providers and integrators in security document market place.


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