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KEOLABS' IoTize™ Convinces French R&D Funding Agencies to Tune of 3.8 M Euros

IoT Café shows off plug’n play connectivity on STM32 microcontroller applications at EmbeddedWorld

9 April 2015 Montbonnot, France – Today KEOLABS, leading supplier of smart card certification solutions, announced that their IoTize™ Project has gained the support of French national and local funding authorities. The French government will inject 3.8 Million Euros over three years into a collaborative project aimed at enhancing the IoTize™ technology, notably in the areas of information security, ease-of-implementation and form factor optimization. IoTize™ is KEOLABS’ smartphone connectivity technology for products with embedded processors or microcontrollers. It allows companies to upgrade their existing products for the Internet of Things (IoT) without changing their existing hardware or software.

“We expect IoTize™ to bring many products to the Internet of Things by reducing technology barriers and the risks associated with implementing IoT connectivity,” explained Francis Lamotte, KEOLABS Vice-President and originator of the IoTize™ concept. “The project unites key competences and resources to make IoTize™ a truly complete solution for IoT implementation from the cloud to the core of the embedded system,” added Francis Lamotte.

The IoTize™ project unites a consortium of leading companies and experts in microelectronics and security including STMicroelectronics and Gemalto. The projects will also unite a panel of implementers – companies who are manufacturers of products for industrial, building and home appliance markets, who will evaluate IoTize™ specifications and features, thus ensuring its adaptability to industry requirements.



About KEOLABS and IoTize™

KEOLABS ( is a leading provider of tools and services for testing microcontroller and secure component implementation.

IoTize™ ( is KEOLABS’ connectivity solution and accelerator for the Internet of Things (IoT) for products with embedded processors and microcontrollers. IoTize™ is designed to bring secure smartphone connectivity to products without requiring modification of their legacy hardware or software. By reducing the technical hurdles and risks associated with IoT implementation, IoTize™ shortens time-to-market of IoT enabled products so that companies can rapidly benefit from this new technology revolution.


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