KEOLABS' Testing Lab adds CEN/TS 16794 and ISO/IEC 18745-2 accredited testing services to its portfolio


KEOLABS complements its portfolio with two new accredited testing services: one for CEN-TS 16794-2, European standard for functional validation of contactless fare management system used in public transport, and the second for ISO/IEC 18745-2 standard, which covers the test methods for Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD) and associated devices.


11 April, 2017, Salon-de-Provence, FRANCE – KEOLABS' Testing Laboratory announced today that it has been qualified by PayCert, an independent certification body, to provide CEN/TS 16794 tests for PCD. This step is all the more important and challenging as this emerging standard ensures interoperability with GCF certified NFC mobiles devices. This interoperability is ensured after NFC Forum harmonized its analog specification v2.0 with ISO/IEC 14443. KEOLABS' Testing Laboratory was qualified a few months ago to provide CEN/TS 16794 testing services for PICC. Today, KEOLABS is the only laboratory offering such services.
KEOLABS' Laboratory is accredited in parallel for these tests by the French Accreditation Committee Cofrac (Accreditation n°1-2468, a list of locations and scopes are available on

More globally, the laboratory has maintained an accreditation since 2009 and has progressively extended its scope of credentials. Thus, KEOLABS' Laboratory is able to conduct testing of smart cards and readers, at analog, digital protocol or application level, on a range of standards based on ISO/IEC 14443 functional specifications. In particular, KEOLABS' accredited testing services already include the newly published ISO/IEC 18745-2 standard. Again, by providing such services in due time and under the standard ISO/IEC 17025, KEOLABS has proven its competence and reactivity.

The laboratory had long been recognized as an authority in Electronic Machine Readable Travel Documents (eMRTD), ID cards, and electronic driving licenses; its portfolio includes for several years ICAO, ISO/IEC 10373-6 and ISO 18013-4 standards.

And other services are currently being considered...

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