NomadLAB Card Emulator

NomadLAB Adds Reader Testing Capability

Portable tool emulates contact & contactless cards to validate card reader applications

22 April 2014, Montbonnot France -- Today KEOLABS introduced card emulation capability on the NomadLAB tool platform to allow cost-optimized, application-level testing of smart card readers. This new feature is designed specifically to meet the requirements of software developers and card/reader integrators for a testing tool that allows them to verify hardware and software integration for a range of applications such as payment, transportation ticketing, identity and access control.

With this new feature, the NomadLAB emulates smart cards communicating in ISO 14443 (A, B) contactless and ISO 7816 contact protocols -- the two most widely employed smart card signaling protocols on the market today. It allows users to mimic card communications being sent to a reader with control of protocol commands and byte-level data. Playing an active role in the communication allows the users to verify if reader software and hardware correctly handles the communication protocol, application functions and data. The NomadLAB's emulation capability can be controlled using scripts in Java, Python, JScript, C++ or other languages that support Microsoft COM objects. This allows users to script signal sequences or even complete test scenarios that correspond to the specific use cases for their applications. This improves the realism of tests, facilitates testing and improves test repeatability.

NomadLAB card emulation capability complements the platform's standalone "spy" capability for NFC, ISO 14443, FeliCa, SWP and ISO 7816 communications. The spy or passive testing capability allows users to observe card and reader communications even in a field environment such as a store, underground station, or anywhere that smart cards might be used. With the combination of portability and graphical, touch interface, the NomadLAB spy offers unprecedented ease-of-use and autonomy when verifying, supporting and maintaining fielded smart card systems.

NomadLAB card emulation feature is adapted to software design companies and integrators both in terms of the level of control that it provides, and the cost of a complete test system. Tailoring the tool to the information and control requirements of these users makes it easier and more efficient to start using the tool, develop test cases and interpret test results.

Upgrade paths to add contact and/or contactless card emulation capabilities are available to owners of NomadLAB "spy" platforms. These upgrade options and NomadLAB card emulation platforms are available now from KEOLABS or authorized distributors.

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KEOLABS service branch includes the ISO17025 accredited Certification Center offering test services to all stakeholders in the secure component sector for smart cards, handsets, ePassports, electronic driver's licenses and card readers.

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