KEOLABS Demos CEN TS 16794-2, NFC Forum Certification Capabilities at OPTIMOS

Laboratory announces first CEN TS 16794-2 certifications of customer devices​

15 September 2016, Montbonnot France – Today KEOLABS, a leading provider of testing tools and services for NFC and smart objects, presented its CEN TS 16794-2 conformance certification testing services and solutions at the OPTIMOS NFC Plug Fest in Berlin, Germany. KEOLABS currently offers conformance verification services for smart cards, readers and mobile phones used in transportation ticketing applications at its Salon-de-Provence laboratory under the CEN TS 16795-2 and the CIPURSE standards.

KEOLABS' CEN TS 16794-2 conformance testing service was accredited in July 2016 and has since certified the first customer products, a smart card (PICC) and a reader (PCD), under the standard. The certified smart card is the Celego Calypso G1 from Gemalto, the world leader in digital security. In addition to this service, KEOLABS provides complete testing solutions for in-house testing of devices, readers and mobile phones under standards that include CEN TS 16794-2, NFC Forum and ISO/IEC 14443.

"OPTIMOS has been a perfect opportunity to meet with stakeholders and present the KEOLABS' tools and services that are available to ensure interoperability in ticketing technologies. This also comes at a key moment for our laboratory, with the issuing of the first conformance certifications under the CEN TS 16794-2 standard," stated Stéphane Jobard, KEOLABS’ Director of Validation Solutions.

The OPTIMOS NFC Plug Fest on the 1st of September 2016, gathered manufacturers and industry experts in an event that included presentations and demonstrations of conformance verification techniques under the CEN TS 16794-2 and NFC Forum standards. Manufacturers of devices, cards and mobiles were able to meet with testing providers and run demonstration tests to assess interoperability for the European and the Japanese markets.

The OPTIMOS project is part of the German federal government's NFC initiative aimed at creating an open NFC ecosystem to meet the needs for secure identity and mobile services for global transportation e-ticketing applications. OPTIMOS is sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and piloted by the German Aerospace Center.









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