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Terms of Use

Use of the KEOLABS’ web site ( and any associated domains established by KEOLABS constitutes acceptance of these terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms you must not use these sites or any associated content or downloads.

These terms of use may be modified or amended at the sole discretion of KEOLABS without notice to you. All modifications are effective as soon as they are published. The most recent terms of use take precedence over any previously published versions.

This site and its associated domains are owned by and edited by KEOLABS. The purpose of the content posted on this site is to provide information about the KEOLABS brand products and associated services. KEOLABS makes no specific claims or guarantees that the information provided on this site is always correct, reliable and up to date. To warranty in regards to any information provided on the site is stated or implied.

This site includes links to external sites. KEOLABS is not responsible for the veracity, reliability or integrity of any external site.



Copyrights and trademarks

This site and its content are protected by copyrights and trademarks of KEOLABS, its partners, suppliers and other third-parties. KEOLABS and  SCRIPTIS are trademarks of KEOLABS. KEOLABS strives to protect all copyrights and trademarks under applicable international and national laws. Any infringements should be communicated to KEOLABS and should include clear indication of the  violating material, the reason that its use constitutes an infrigment on an existing copyright or trademark and information for contacting the individual citing the infringent.

KEOLABS grants you permission to download to a local hard disc and print extracts of the web site and contents for personal, non-commercial use, to include the download and use of examples and information for the purpose of developing embedded systems, given that you have all other rights to do so, and in accordance with any specific terms and copyright notices attached to, or incorporated in the specific content. Any reproduction of any other kind or for any other use is prohibited.



Disclaimer of warranties

KEOLABS disclaims all expressed or implied warranties of any kind, with respect to the web site and the content provided and made available on or through it. You understand and agree that your use of the web site and its content is fully at your own risk and that we may not be held liable in any way for any consequences of you doing so.

Under no circumstances will KEOLABS be liable to you for any kind of loss, cost, damage or expense suffered or arising because of any content posted on or otherwise accessible through the site, or for any communications made through the site.

We make no warranty of any kind that the web site or any content on it, whether it is provided by us, any user or any third party, will be available, accessible, free of errors or viruses, accurate, reliable, secure or safe to use or download.



Privacy policy

Registration data and personal information is maintained for KEOLABS use only, unless otherwise specified in the registration terms for certain content or special downloads.



Governing law

These terms of use are governed under French laws, excluding its conflict of laws provisions. If any part of these terms should be found to be in conflict with the law, all other parts will still be in full effect and you agree to be bound by them, and the conflicting provisions should be deemed to be modified to the degree that they comply with the law, following the original intent of such provisions as far as possible.




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Legal description

Société par Actions Simplifiée (SAS)

Incorporated Company with Authorized

Capital of 520 090 €

RCS Grenoble: B 349 036 103 00068

Siret: 34 903 610 300 068

Code NAF: 6201Z

EC-VAT: FR 14349036103





Head Office

17 avenue Jean Kuntzmann

38330 Montbonnot


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