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NomadLAB Provides autonomous communication spy and signal emulator with tactile interface and power from battery or USB.

It is equally adapted to application testing in a lab or field environment, providing communication spy and analysis for NFC, ISO/IEC 14443 A/B card signals, FeliCa, ISO/IEC 7816, SWP (HCI/SHDLC), emulation of ISO/IEC 7816, and ISO/IEC 14443 card signals for active testing of card readers.


This tool is ideal for:

  • Interoperabiliy troubleshooting in lab or field.
  • Application-level validation of contact and contactless readers.

RGPA Software Interface


RGPA provides a tool workspace that is tailored to the connected KEOLABS hardware platform (ProxiLAB, ContactLAB, ProxiSPY or NomadLAB). The tool workspace includes a variety of graphical controls for enabling, configuring and driving the emulation and/or spy capabilities of the platform connected to the PC.

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