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Fairbit SoftPOS gets Certification for Visa Ready Tap-To-Phone with ICC Solutions & KEOLABS

California-based software developer company tests Visa Tap to Phone cloud level 2 kernel with ICC Solutions Test Tool Software.


Fairbit’s leading edge technology empowers any business to become a SoftPOS solution provider, facilitating the integration and reducing development resources. The SoftPOS solution democratizes point of sale technology by lowering the investment and effort needed to get into the payment business.

ICC Solutions has been a leader in EMV test tools and services for 25 years, enabling and supporting clients to be able to keep up to date with the latest global payment technology within the industry.


Fairbit needed to have a SoftPOS solution fully tested and ready for certification for the Visa Tap 2 Phone testing requirements as quickly and as cost effectively as possible By selecting the ICC Solutions tool and NomadLAB hardware from KEOLABS, they were able to debug and test on the same tool as the Laboratory prior to submitting to the Visa Laboratory Fairbit also had access to the ICC Solutions helpdesk if they had questions or issues


ICC Solutions provided support from the very start, helping Fairbit during their testing cycle along with providing excellent, bespoke support to challenging tests and integrating with the Visa files as needed The tool integrates the KEOLABS NomadLAB for the card emulation, to aid in the automation Fairbit was able to simulate the card behaviour and prepare their device for type approval with ease and efficiency


Emim Bahadir, Co founder at Fairbit commented “The experience of having worked with ICC Solutions and KEOLABS through this Visa testing, along with the subsequent test results has given us a lot of confidence of working with, and using the ICC Solutions and KEOLABS products and services ICC Solutions’ expertise in supporting Visa Tap to Phone made them a stand out company that could help us deliver a genuinely world class testing service”.