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ICC Solutions & KEOLABS streamlining EMV Automated Testing

As the global payments market continues to grow at an exponential rate, with the total number of EMV payment cards in circulation worldwide reaching 10.8bn by the end of 20201, merchants, processors and acquirers are looking for new ways to automate their EMV testing and speed up time to market for new and upgraded terminals.


KEOLABS, a leading provider of test solutions for the smartcard and NFC industries, and ICC Solutions, a global player with 25 years EMV test tool experience, have successfully partnered to complete a number of projects, and assist their customers in streamlining their EMV automated testing cycles.


With the launch of the Visa Automated Test Suite in 2019 and Visa’s desire to automate testing in order to increase quality and shorten timescales, it was imperative that customers had a one stop solution to achieve this.


The ICC Solutions and KEOLABS partnership enables customers to purchase all elements for automated testing with ease. Using the NomadLab emulator and ICC Solutions test suites, around 90 of the tests required can be set to run without intervention reducing ambiguity during the testing cycle.


From January 2022, customers will also be able to use the KEOLABS contact emulator with the automated version of the EMV Level 2 test suite, if required, and with more test suites on the roadmap, it promises to be an innovative time for ICC Solutions and KEOLABS and a more streamlined future for customers.


Paula Turner, CTO at ICC Solutions commented “With our appetite to keep pace with the payments industry, working with KEOLABS and with Visa’s requirements we were able to provide an automated test tool to suit Visa’s needs. With more automated tools in the pipeline, we will be able to give customers greater flexibility during testing and ensure that they are leading the way with new initiatives into the market.”


Christophe Rabaud, CEO of KEOLABS added “The market needs a fast and easy alternative to the existing manual test solutions. With this partnership with ICC Solutions, we enable our customers to significantly reduce their EMV Level 2 testing cycle.


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1 Source: EMVCo