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Toppan Gravity selects KEOLABS for EMVCo and ICAO conformance testing

9 November 2021, Montbonnot, FRANCE Toppan Gravity, one of the key global players in the industry of Security, Identity and Payment, has selected KEOLABS test solutions to ensure that their banking (EMVCo) and identity (ICAO) products conform to the international standards.

This choice was motivated by strategic and technical reasons. Indeed, KEOLABS test solutions are deployed in the main validation laboratories in the world, which means that Toppan Gravity is now able to verify for themselves the conformance of their prototypes, and then be very confident when they will perform the official validation session at an EMVCo or ICAO laboratory.


“I know KEOLABS for more than 10 years. Today they have become the reference in testing tools for banking and identity markets,” said Anthony Rouch-Paulin, VP of Engineering at Toppan Gravity. “In addition to the efficiency of their tools, I particularly appreciate the proactive support provided by the KEOLABS’ team”.


Getting the same testing environment for both standards EMVCo and ICAO is a real advantage for Toppan Gravity.


“Communication systems are based on open international standards, and it is important for major players like Toppan Gravity to verify the exact conformance of their products with these standards,” said Christophe Rabaud, CEO at KEOLABS. “We have more and more joint technical projects, especially in Dubai, and we really enjoy working with their engineering team.”



About Toppan Gravity

As a global solutions provider primarily focused on the payment and Identity industries, Toppan Gravity Ltd. aims at developing the next generation of virtual and physical security documents.

With the vision of becoming the forerunner in the secure ID and payment industry, the company focuses on driving synergies within the Toppan Group, through strategic acquisitions. Toppan Gravity empowers promising companies’ having state-of-the-art technology or businesses in emerging markets, including Asia, Africa, and Latin America to enhance their overall performance. Furthermore, the company enables its acquisitions to take advantage of the opportunities presented by its large, diversified group having numerous resources and extensive know-how.