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What’s new in EDITION 4 of the standard ISO/IEC 10373-6?

Once again, KEOLABS is at the forefront of technology and today publishes its latest White Paper summarizing the differences between Edition 3 and Edition 4 of the standard ISO/IEC 10373-6


19 January 2023, Montbonnot, FRANCE The standard ISO/IEC 10373-6 defines test methods which are specific to proximity cards and objects, proximity coupling devices and proximity extended devices, themselves defined in ISO/IEC 14443.


Major changes have been done between the previous version ISO/IEC 10373-6:2016 and the last version ISO/IEC 10373-6:2020 (also called “Edition 4”). The objective is to cover all new use cases implied by recent card technologies and self-powered payment devices, such as smartphones or wearables, to perform transactions.


The White Paper summarizes these changes in term of test equipment, tests cases for PICC (Analog and Digital) and test cases for PCD (Analog and Digital).


The White Paper is available here.